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Team Dreamdogs

My name is Pia Honkasalo. My whole life I have loved dogs more than anything else in the world. I was 9 years old when the first dog came to my family. After that I have had only one year without a dog. At the moment I have 7 own dogs, 5 Tibetan spaniels, 1 bolognese and 1 Pyrenean mastiff.

I didn't think it would be possible for me to work with dogs fulltime. Sometimes dreams do come true, and in June 2009, I opened my own dog hotel, Pia's Dreamdogs. Maija Ojala is working here too. She has been a part of team Dreamdogs since 2010, and she is really devoted.

We are located in Piikkiö, in the middle of the forest. Here we don't have to worry about cars, or other dogs. We are just 30 minutes from Turku and Salo, and Helsinki is only 1,5 hour away.

We have big, light rooms for the dogs. The rooms are warm in the winter and for summer heat we have AC. We don't have small yards for the dogs, everyone walks on leashes 3 times everyday.
In the summertime the dogs can swim in our own dogpool for a small price.

Our goal is to know that the dogs are happy, and the owners are calm. Pias Dreamdogs is Fear Free certified, and we are doing the best we can, to keep the stress low for the dogs. We always want to see our guests before the stay, so just send us an e-mail and you are welcome to visit us. I can guarantee you that we are taking care of every single dog like it was our own. We do this job out of pure love for dogs. 044 992 4933 

Pia's Dreamdogs price list

1 dog 1 night 35,00 €
2 dogs 1 night 55,00 €
3 dogs 1 night 70,00 €
4 dogs or more + 10,00 €/dog

Weekend Fri-Sun
1 dog 75,00 €
2 dogs 110,00 €

Weekend 1 night

1 dog 35,00 (1 1/2 day 48,00)

2 dogs 50,00 (1 1/2 day 82,00)

Daycare 8-21, 30,00 €/48,00 €

Short daycare (max 6 hours) 25,00/40,00 €

Christmas 23-26.12, Midsummer and Asencion Day Thursday-Sunday, + 10,00 €/dog
1 dog 110,00 €
2 dogs 160,00 €

New Years Eve, Walpurigs Night/May Day, + 10,00 €/dog
1 dog 40,00 €
2 dogs 60,00 €

You can pay by card. Regular customers can get the invoice by email.

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